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TYS(TPE) (Türkçe yeterlik sınavı)

The Turkish Proficiency Exam (TPE) is an internationally-recognized exam for Turkishdeveloped by the Yunus Emre Institute Exam Centre in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, for the purpose of assessing the language proficiency of individuals learning Turkish as a foreign or native language

Most universities in Turkey require Turkish proficiency since their medium of instruction is Turkish. Some universities require a B2 level, others require a C1 level and some do not even require a Turkish proficiency. It depends on the University the applicant is applying for.

The exam is taken in 2 sessions:

  1. First session: Comprises ofReading comprehension,writing and listeningsections. Total of 180 minutes,80 questions and a total of 80 points

Reading: This section has 40 multiple-choice or true and false questions, and assesses the reading and understanding skills of the candidates.

  • Duration: 60 minutes

Listening: This section has 30 multiple-choice or true and false questions

  • Duration: 45 minutes

Writing: In this section, there are two parts. Part 1 has one question and the time allotted to complete that part is 20 minutes; and part 2 has two questions and the time allotted is 40 minutes.

  • Total duration: 60 minutes

Part 1 total score is 10 and part 2 total score is 15.


  1. Second session: Comprises of the speaking section which consists of an independent speaking and a conversation sections

Speaking: Comprises of an independent speech conversation or dialogues. In this section, one question is based on the candidates’ independent speech and time allotted to completed that question is 5 minutes; and the other is the conversation part or dialogues, in which candidates are required to answer 7 questions and time allotted for this part is 10 minutes.


Total time allotted: 15 minutes

Part 1- the independent speech carries 10 points, and part 2- the 7-10 dialogues carry 15    points


The exam is held in 27 countries thrice in a year:

  • January
  • May
  • September




To attain a level B2: total score between 55 and 70 is required

To attain a level C1: total score between 71 and 88 is required

To attain a level C2: total score between 89 and 100 is required.


Candidates can apply through Yunus Emre Institute or TÖMER

Registration fees vary from one country to the other .. check here



For more information on how to learn Turkish go here courses tomer yunus emre


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