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According to Higher Education Council regulations in Turkey, international students can apply for University transfer.

There are two different methods to apply for a transfer following the latest changes in CoHE (YÖK) regulation:

1. Transfer According to Central Placement Score (Merkezi Yerleştirme Puanı):

This is the assessment based on scores the students get the year they take the university entrance exam regardless of achievement conditions and program equivalences. International students cannot transfer from their university to another via this method because they don’t have a central placement score since they got into their own university with the YÖS exam score or any other exam.

2. Transfer According to Achievement Conditions (GPA)

International students can apply according to the high GPA which they achieved in the university they are already registered in. It is required for the university that the applicant is registered in to have equivalence approved by YÖK. The students must be successful in all courses in the university they are going to leave.

Universities accept a limited number of applicants from other accredited universities for transfer admission. Only those students who have excellent academic records and high motivation for seeking a transfer should apply. Institutions and programs which candidates are to leave should be recognized by YOK and equivalent to the program they wish to transfer to.

Generally every university has its own criteria evaluating the applicants. That’s why it is very important to check the requirements of the university the applicant wish to transfer to. The application should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office within the dates indicated on the university’s website. Nevertheless, transfer students are generally evaluated based on:

  • The availability of space; every university has a limited quota determined for international students by the Higher Education Council YOK
  • The potential contribution of the student to the quality of the program
  • The extent to which the student has completed the requirements for admission to the program
  • The quality of his/her academic record and achievements

Procedures for International Transfer Students

Required Documents

1. Transcript: An official document demonstrating all GPA’s, grades, and all accepted courses the higher education institution the applicant is enrolled in.

2. Application Form.

3. Student Certificate: The document demonstrating that the applicant is a student of the institution prepared by the Student Affairs Office of the university the applicant is registered in.

4. Detailed Description and Contents of The Courses: a document with the contents and detailed descriptions of the courses indicated on the candidate’s transcript.

5. Approved copy of high school diploma.

6. Equivalency Document of the current university: Current University should be recognized by the Higher Education Council.

7. A language requirement ( If asked; English, Turkish or sometimes both depending on the medium of instruction).

8. The Certificates of Examination Results: There must be a copy of OSYS exam certificate used for the admittion to the institutions the applicants are to leave (ex. YOS, SAT …).

9. Letter of Recommendation If requisted from the university.


Since 2014 the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) has decided that Turkish citizens, citizens of Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and foreign citizens in these countries who started education in associate, undergraduate and graduate degree programs (except for speciality in medicine and speciality in dentistry) before the education year of 2013 – 2014 can apply for a transfer.

Those who don’t have the necessary documents can take courses from higher education institutions under the name of “special student”. Not all universities accept the transfer of a Special student but some do.

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