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Study Abroad on NMMU


Your choice study abroad at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University for six months or a year allows you to experience top quality and affordable education as well as our amazing wildlife, history and the culture of South Africa!

Where is NMMU?

Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay is the beautiful coastal town where the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University lays its foundation.

With a total of 6 campuses the NMMU is the largest international university in the Southern Cape with our main campus in the heart if a nature reserve.

Offering blazing orange sunsets, tranquil sandy-white beaches and thick, lush green forests where the ghosts of past inhabitants still linger, the Eastern Cape, South Africa is where people with friendly smiles greet you with a “good morning”, “goeie more”’ or “molo”… we want you to experience this Africa!

Study Abroad (Free Mover)

NMMU accepts students from partner universities that are not covered by an exchange agreement. A Study Abroad student is a full-time non-degree seeking student registering for a variety of modules from one or more faculties for a period of six months to one year.

Students should be registered as undergraduate students from a recognized University and be in good academic standing.

  • Students can apply for 6 months / 1 year of study.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5
  • English language requirement

Applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to submit proof of English proficiency BEFORE REGISTRATION. The TOEFL or IELTS tests, available in most countries, are acceptable proof. The minimum TOEFL score required is 230 on the computer-based test, or 570 on the paper-based test. A minimum of a 6.0 on the IELTS is acceptable. If this documentation is not provided before registration, you will be required to undertake an evaluation by the director of the NMMU English Language Skills Programme, and depending on your performance, you may then be required to register for and complete the English Language Skills Programme.

NMMU also accepts students from universities with whom we do not have agreements. Basically this is the same as a Study Abroad student, but you are referred to as a “Free Mover”.

Exchange students (Partner University)

Students should be registered as undergraduate students in a partner university and should be nominated by the University.

NMMU has signed exchange agreements with specific institutions throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. The exchange agreements have been set up for a specific number of students who will be selected by their home institution.

Each home institution has their own internal procedure to select students. Students must liaise with their International Office, and applications will only be accepted if it is submitted via their International Office.

Designing your own programme

Knowing that you will be coming from your home university, with its unique programme structure, being able to customize your module selection to suit your course of study will help you meet your goals.

South Africa, a country situated at the southern end of the African continent, is a quilt of landscapes, fauna and flora. Each of the country’s nine provinces offers visitors a unique view into some aspect of South African life, and that which Africa is so popular for, its natural wild side.

Once your have completed your studies with the NMMU, we’ll make sure you leave with something to show for all your hard work.

Every student receives an official academic transcript of registered courses taken during the semester. Below is and explanation of the South African Higher Education system and grade equivalent.


NMMU is a public university created by the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act 101 of 1997) in terms of sections 23(1) and 24 respectively.

Academic Calendar

NMMU follows a semester based system.

  • First semester: February to June
  • Second semester: July to November

Each semester consists of at least 14 weeks of teaching.

Credit System

  • Undergraduate programs of three years duration consist of a minimum of 360 credits.
  • One academic year consists of a minimum of 120 credits.
  • A credit is a unit (10 notional hours of learning) of student academic input required towards being awarded an academic module that consists of a number of credits.

A notional hour of learning is defined in terms of the time an average student would need to master work. A set of notional learning hours represents the student academic input (expressed in time) required to master the specified learning outcomes of an academic module and includes preparation for lectures; attending lectures; preparing for assessments; performing assessments (doing assignments: writing tests and exams); but excludes travel time.

International students are required to register as full-timed students. The number of NMMU credits for full-timed studies per semester is 40-60 NMMU credits.

  • 1 USA credit is equivalent to 4 NMMU credits
  • 1 ECTS credit is equivalent to 2 NMMU credits

Transfer of Credits

Module credit should be read in conjunction with the course content when credit equivalencies are determined by non-South Africa universities.

We’re so excited that you’re considering studying abroad at the NMMU, we’re sure it will be a awesome experience for you!

For more information please visit :   http://www.nmmustudyabroad.com/

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