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Postgraduate Requirements


Admission requirements

It is important to mention that these requirements are general and they might differ
from one university to the other because every university sets its own requirements and criteria.


Who can apply?

Students who have an undergraduate or a graduate diploma equivalent
to the Turkish diplomas and who satisfy the requirements of their program can
apply for their Master’s or doctorate (PhD) degree.

Admission Requirements

The documents are submitted to the institute of graduate program the student is applying for.

  1. The international application (required from the university the applicant is applying for)
  2. Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma (certified by notary public offices, translated to Turkish by an accredited translation office and attached to the original document)
  3. Sealed and approved official transcript of the courses and the grades (certified by notary public offices) [If you have attended more than one university, a transcript from each institution must be submitted.]
  4. Official scores on one of the following tests: (GRE, A.L.E.S or GMAT…) (each university got its own acceptable exams and minimum Eligibility scores and grades)

*Note that validation of all these scores is valid for 3 years.

  1. Language proficiency score. (it depends on the language of instruction used in the program the applicant is applying for; applying for a Turkish program means the applicant should have a Turkish proficiency test, if it is an English program then the applicant needs a proficiency in English…). The accepted exams (TOFEL, ILETS, ÜDS…) and their minimum eligible score depends on the university and program the applicant is applying for
  2. State of purpose (explaining your qualities, why should you be accepted, the reason for choosing this program…)
  3. Letters of recommendation
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Application fees
  6. Financial guarantee letter

*Student visa, valid passport (certified by notary public offices), Residence Permit and all the official documents are asked from international students after getting admission

In order for medical students to continue their graduate studies (Speciality) in a branch of medical practice, they have to enrol in an exam called TUS. For more information, click here.

Admission requirement:

  1. Diploma stating that the applicant has graduated from a medical Faculty in Turkey or graduated from a medical faculty in a foreign countyand obtained an equivalence certificate from CoHE (YÖK).
  2. Not having any obstacles to train and specialize in Turkey
  3. Residence Permit
  4. Financial guarantee letter
  5. Turkish proficiency certificate. If the applicant has graduated from a faculty being taught in Turkish, this certificate is not required.
  6. Passing the TUS exam
  7. English proficiency Certificate (YDS)

*It is important to mention that the acceptance also depends on the quota determined for international student. Click here to check the quotas determined in the previous yearshttp://www.tusem.com/infobank/tus_kontenjanlari.asp

It is very much recommended to contact us or the university your applying for in order to make sure of its requirements and the application dates and deadlines

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