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Equivalency and Accreditation of Diploma


Equivalency and Accreditation of Diploma

The Certificate of Equivalence is a certificate which records that your diploma equates to the one in the Turkish higher education system.In order to get the Certificate of Equivalence for your diploma, the university which awarded this diploma must be recognized by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). In case the university in question is not recognized by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK),a signed petition should be sent to CoHE’s email adress stating the university’s full name, the department, the level of education (associate degree / undergraduate / graduate), the type of education (traditional learning/ distance learning) and the contact information. In order for this Certificate of Recognition to be issued the foreign higher education institution which awarded the diploma should be listed in the international databases and recognized by its Higher Education Council. The application form is here http://www.yok.gov.tr/documents/10279/22146074/Okul_Tanima_Dilekce_Ornegi.docx/

The Equivalency of High school Diploma (Lise)

The applicationof equivalency for the high school diploma should be sent to the Education Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in the country the applicant is in. If the applicant is in Turkey, it should be sent to the Ministry of National Education(Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı)in the city where the applicant is.

The Equivalency of Bacelor’s Degree (Lisans)

Undergraduate Equivalency Application should be sent to the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Documents Required for Undergraduate Equivalency Application:

  1. The Photocopy of the applicant’s identity document or the photocopy of the passport’s identity page
  2. The equivalence application form http://www.yok.gov.tr/documents/10279/16607/Basvuru_Formu.pdf/
  3. Original high school equivalence certificate from the student’s institution and copy certified by the notary or the Foreign Representative Office of the Republic of Turkey
  4. Original diploma or graduation certificate requested for recognition or equivalence along with a copy and translation certified by a notary republic or the Foreign Representative Office of the Republic of Turkey
  5. Original official transcript that records all of the course grades and number of periods taken during higher education studies certified by the notary or the Foreign Representative Office of the Republic of Turkey
  6. Original diploma supplement requested for the diploma taken from the members of the European Union and translation certified by the notary or the Foreign Representative Office of the Republic of Turkey, or an explanatory document obtained from a relevant higher education institution or authority of the country concerned for those who cannot present a diploma supplement
  7. Originals of the passport(s) used during the higher education period or legible copy of the pages that record the entrance and exit dates and stamps certified by the notary or the Foreign Representative Office of the Republic of Turkey
  8. In order to make a recognition or equivalence application for the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s diplomas, foreign nationals should submit an identity certificate issued by their country of citizenship, and in addition to all the above, they should fulfill at least one condition of those listed below:
  9. a) Foreign nationals wishing to work in Turkey should certify that they have applied to their chosen instititutions in order to be employed
  10. b) Those who are in the process of becoming a Turkish citizen should certify this matter
  11. c) Those who are and will be employed as a foreign faculty member in a higher education institution should certify a copy of the approved contract
  12. d) Those who will work on research and development projects carried out or supported by state institutions, organizations, higher education institutions and international programs coordinated by the respective institutions or projects that take place within the scope of European Union Framework Programs should certify this matter


  1. photocopy of all documents to be delivered during the application for equivalence


*students who Graduated from Pharmacy departemnt are required to attach a month internship certificate in a pharmacy wish is registered in the Chamber of Pharmacists in Turkey

The equivalency of Master’s Degree (Yüksek Lisans)

The application must be sent to the Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

The equivalency of doctorate degree (PhD) (Doktora)

The application must be sent to the secretarial of inter-university council (Üniversitelerarası Kurul Genel Sekreterliğidir)


  • The originals of the documents which have been sent with the application will be sent back after Procedures are finished but the translated documents and the ones certified by the notary or the Foreign Representative Office will not be sent back


  • In case there are some missing documents in the application, thirty days will be granted for the completion of these documents. If the missing documents are not completed within the given time, the equivalence application will be deemed invalid.



  • International students who apply for a Master’s degree or Ph.D. degree, in an exception of the health care departments, do not need to apply for an equivalency application. Interested parties can apply for a post-graduate education by taking “School Recognition Written” from our Foundation.


  • If the council see it needed an exam might be set to ensure the applicant’s level before the equivalency is awarded



  • As of 30 May 2016 a fee charge is going to be requested for the equivalency and the recognition applications;
  • 150 Turkish Lira for “Diploma Recognition and Equivalence Applications” and “Re-evaluation of Equivalent Applications”
  • 50 Turkish Lira for “School Recognition Requests”
  • 50 Turkish lira for “procedures are in Progress requests” (Military Postponement Certificate, business applications etc.)
  • 50 Turkish Lira for “petitions which requests information or documents”
  • No fee is requested for the petitions given information and documents requested by our board. (Document delivery, address change notification, etc.)
  • Application and petition fees must be paid to the account number given below and the applicant or his / her delegate must apply to the Board with the receipt
  • ATTENTION: When the fee is paid, the sentence “Equivalence Application Fee” must be written in the explanation section.
  • CoHE Bank Account
    Ziraat bank

Account Number: 5386419-5033

IBAN: TR130001002533053864195033

* International students who have an ID Number can do transactions from any bank in the name of Ziraat Bank Ankara Public Entrepreneurship Branch account. (KamuGirişimcilikŞubesi)

* International students who do not have an ID Number must go and pay personally to Ankara Public Entrepreneurship Branch

Contact Information:

Telefon (equıvalency department): 0850 470 0 965 (0850 470 0 CoHE)

Faks: 0 (312) 266 50 60

Adres: Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı – 06539
Bilkent / Ankara

Transportation: from Ankara Esenboğa Airport: there are public transportations to take you to Kizilay and Aşti. And you can reach Bilkent from Kizilay or Aşti

From Kizilay: Bilkent 111 bus which takes off from Guven park

From Aşti: Bilkent small bus (Dolmuş) which passes infront of Aşti


Source: http://www.yok.gov.tr/documents/7780883/28452321/Denklik_Yonetmeligi_Ingilizce.pdf


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