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Nelson Mandela University


Nelson Mandela University



To be a dynamic African university, recognised for its leadership in generating cutting-edge knowledge for a sustainable future.


To offer a diverse range of quality educational opportunities that will make a critical and constructive contribution to regional, national and global sustainability.

To achieve our vision and mission, we will ensure that:

  • Our values inform and define our institutional ethos and distinctive educational purpose and philosophy.
  • We are committed to promoting equity of access and opportunities so as to give students the best chance of success in their pursuit of lifelong learning and diverse educational goals.
  • We provide a vibrant, stimulating and richly diverse environment that enables staff and students to reach their full potential.
  • We develop graduates and diplomates to be responsible global citizens capable of critical reasoning, innovation, and adaptability.
  • We create and sustain an environment that encourages and supports a vibrant research, scholarship and innovation culture.
  • We engage in mutually beneficial partnerships locally, nationally and globally to enhance social, economic, and ecological sustainability.



  • We reflect and serve diverse regional, national and global communities
  • We promote an open society where critical scholarship and the expression of a multiplicity of opinions and experiences are actively encouraged
  • We foster an environment in which diversity is appreciated, respected and celebrated
  • We are committed to accessibility, inclusivity and social justice


  • We promote, recognise and reward excellence in our teaching, learning, research and engagement
  • We promote, recognise and reward excellent service delivery to all our stakeholders
  • We provide a supportive and affirming environment that enables students and staff to reach their full potential
  • We adopt innovative approaches to promote excellence in our institutional processes and systems


  • We are a people-centred university
  • We respect the dignity of others
  • We recognise our mutual interdependence
  • We promote compassionate and responsible citizenship


  • We act with integrity and accept responsibility for our actions
  • We behave in an ethical and professional manner
  • We conduct our activities in an accountable and transparent manner
  • We ensure the integrity of our information, systems and processes


  • We care about the environment and recognise our responsibility to conserve, protect and properly manage natural resources for ourselves and future generations
  • We promote the integration of sustainability principles into our academic practices, institutional operations and design of physical infrastructure
  • We encourage mutually beneficial and sustainable approaches to community service and engagement
  • We inspire students and staff to embrace environmentally friendly practices


  • We acknowledge our personal responsibility for ethical behaviour towards others
  • We assume responsibility for the achievement of personal and institutional goals
  • We accept responsibility for our actions and the consequences thereof
  • We provide an environment that encourages students and staff to take responsibility for their academic and professional endeavours

Undergraduate Programs


-Baccalaureus Artium
-Baccalaureus Musicae (various curriculums)
-Baccalaureus Musicae (B.Mus): Education
-Bachelor of Architectural Studies
-Baccalaureus Administrationis
-Baccalaureus Artium (Media, Communication and Culture)


-Advanced Certificate in Education: Arts and Culture
-National Diploma:  Introductory Studies
-National Diploma: Graphic Design
-National Diploma: Fine Art
-National Diploma: Fashion
-National Diploma: Ceramic Design
-National Diploma: Journalism
-National Diploma: Public Relations Management
-National Diploma: Interior Design
-National Diploma: Public Management
-Diploma in Music Education


-Baccalaureus Artium (Human Resource Management)
-Baccalaureus Artium (Development Studies)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (General Accounting)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Computer Studies & Info Systems)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Info Systems & Auditing)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Info Systems & Accounting)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Info Systems & Business Management)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Marketing Management)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Computer Science & Info Systems and Stats)
-Baccalaureus Commercii for Chartered Accountants
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Business Studies)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Sport & Recreation Management)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Economics & Statistics)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Financial Planning)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Industrial Psychology & HR Management)
-Baccalaureus Commercii (Law)
-Baccalaureus Commercii Rationum (Econ & Business Management)
-Baccalaureus Commercii Rationum (Law)
-Baccalaureus Commercii Rationum (Computer Science & Info Systems)


-National Diploma: Human Resource Management
-National Diploma: Cost & Management Accounting
-National Diploma: Financial information Systems
-National Diploma: Internal Auditing
-National Diploma: Management
-National Diploma: Accounting
-National Diploma: Marketing
-National Diploma: Logistics
-National Diploma: Tourism Management
-National Diploma: Inventory Management
-Diploma: Economics


-Baccalaureus Educationis (Foundation Phase)
-Baccalaureus Educationis (Intermediate Phase)
-Baccalaureus Educationis: (FET)


-Advanced Certificate in Education (Language)
-Advanced Certificate in Education (Mathematical Literacy)
Advanced Certificate in Education (School Leadership)
-Advanced Certificate in Education (SNE Remedial)
-Post Graduate Certificate in Education


-Baccalaureus Scientiae in Construction Economics
-Baccalaureus Scientiae in Construction Economics – Computer Science
-Baccalaureus Scientiae in Construction Studies
-Baccalaureus Scientiae Honours in Construction Management
-Baccalaureus Scientiae Honours in Qunatity Surveying
-Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics


-Higher Certificate in ICT User Support Services
-National Diploma: Building
-National Diploma: Engineering : Civil
-National Diploma Engineering : Agriculture
-National Diploma: Engineering : Electrical
-National Diploma Engineering : Computer Systems
-National Diploma: Engineering : Electrical (Extended Program)
-National Diploma: Engineering : Industrial
-National Diploma: Engineering : Mechanical
-National Diploma: Operations Management
-National Diploma: Information Technology (Communication Networks)
-National Diploma: Information Technology (Support Services)
-Baccalaureus Technologiae: Quantity Surveying
-Baccalaureus Technologiae: Construction Management
-Baccalaureus Technologiae: Quality


-Bachelor of Human Movement Science
-Baccalaureus Psychologiae (Sport Psychology)
-Bachelor of Social Work
-Baccalaureus Psychologiae (Counselling)
-Baccalaureus Pharmaciae
-Baccalaureus Pharmaciae (new intake)
-Baccalaureus Curationis
-Baccalaureus Artium in Youth Work
-Baccalaureus Artium in Social Work
-Baccalaureus Artium (Human Movement Science )
-Baccalaureus Artium (Psychologiae)
-Bachelor of Science in Dietetics


-Higher Certificate in Pharmacy support
-National Diploma:  Biomedical Technology
-National Diploma: Environmental Health
-National Diploma: Radiography : Diagnostic
-National Diploma: Sport Management
-Diploma in Community Science
-Diploma in Nursing Education
-Diploma in Nursing Administration
-Diploma in Nephrology Nursing Science
-Postgraduate Diploma in Health Welfare Management
-Emergency Medical Care


-Baccalaureus Legum (LLB)
-Baccalaureus Legum Extemted Curriculum (LLB Ext)


-Baccalaureus Scientiae
-Baccalaureus Scientiae Information Systems


-National Diploma: Agricultural Management
-National Diploma: Game Ranch Management
-National Diploma: Analytical Chemistry
-National Diploma: Polymer Technology


-Baccalaureus Educationis (FET)
-Baccaluareus Commercii:  Accounting
-Baccaluareus Commercii:  General Accounting
-Baccaluareus Commercii:  Economics
-Baccalaureus Commercii: Business Management


-National Diploma: Marketing (phased out)
-National Diploma: Marketing (phased in)
-National Diploma: Marketing (Extended Programme)
-National Diploma: Management (phased in)
-National Diploma: Management (Extended Programme)
-National Diploma:  Tourism Management (phased out)
-National Diploma:  Tourism Management (phased in)
-National Diploma:  Tourism Management (Extended Programme)
-National Diploma: Agricultural Management
-National Diploma: Nature Conservation
-National Diploma: Wood Technology
-National Diploma: Game Ranch Management
-National Diploma: Forestry

Master's Degree

Education Faculty


Science Faculty

-MTech (Agriculture)
-MTech (Agriculture) – George Campus
-MTech (Game Ranch Management)
-MTech (Chemistry)
-Mtech (Forestry) George Campus
-Mtech (Nature Conservation) George Campus
-MSc (Botany)
-MSc (Geology)
-MSc Mathematics
-MSc (Mathematical Statistics)
-MSc (Physics)
-MSc (Zoology)
-MSc (Biochemistry)
-MSc (Microbiology)
-MSc (Applied Mathematics)
-MSc (Chemistry)
-MSc (Textile Science)
-MSc (Geography)
-MSc (Comp Science & Info Systems)
-MSc Industrial Chemistry
-MSc Biological Oceanography
-MSc Chemical and Physical Oceanography
-MSc Agriculture
-MSc Forestry (George Campus)
-MSc Game Ranch Management
-MSc Nature Conservation (George Campus)
-Mcom (Computer Science & Information)
-Mcom (Statistics)

Arts Faculty

-MTech (Ceramic Design)
-MTech (Fine Art)
-MTech (Fashion)
-MTech (Photography)
-MTech (Graphic Design)
-MTech (Textile Design)
-MTech (Architectural Technology)
-MTech (Public Relations)
-MA (Sociology)
-MA (Political Studies)
-MA (Afrikaans and Dutch)
-MA (Xhosa)
-MA (Media Studies)
-MA (Conflict Transformation)
-MA (Philosophy)
-MA (Applied Language Studies)
-MA (Public Administration)
-MA French
-MA (English)
-MA (History)
-MA (Anthropology)

Business & Economics

-MTech (Marketing)
-MTech (Business Administration)
-MTech (Entrepreneurship)
-MTech (Human Resource Management)
-MTech (Logistics)
-MA (Industrial & Org Psych)
-MA (Economics)
-MA (Development Studies)
-Mcom (Accounting)
-Mcom (Business Management)
-Mcom (Economics)
-MCom (Industrial Psychology)
-Mcom (Industrial Psychology)
-Mcom Entrepreneurship
-MCom (Labour Relations & HR)
-Mcom (Human Resource Management)
-Mcom (Toursim Management)
-Mcom: (Marketing)
-Mcom (Logistics)
-MA (LR & Human Resources)
-Mphil in Tourism Management

Law Faculty

-LLM (Mercantile Law)
-LLM (Private Law)
-LLM (Public Law)

Health Faculty

-MTech (Environmental Health)
-MTech (Biomedical Technology)
-MTech (Radiography)
-MCur (Research)
-MPharm (Research)
-MA (Psychology : Research)
-Master of Health Sciences in Medical Lab Science
-MSW (Research)
-Master of Human Movement Sciences
-MSc Dietetics
-MSc (General Health Science)

Engineering Faculty

-MTech (Quantity Surveying)
-MTech (Construction Management)
-MEng Civil
-MTech Operations (Quality)
-Master of Information Technology
-MEng (Electrical)
-MTech (Operations Management)
-MEng (Mechanical)
-MEng (Industrial)
-MSc (Construction Economics)
-MSc (Construction Management)
-MEng (Mechatronics)

Science Faculty

-MTech: Chemistry: Product and Process Development
-MSc: Nano Science

Art Faculty

-MArch: Professional
-MA: African Languages
-MA: Applied Language Studies
-MA: Media Studies
-MA: Sociology
-MMus: Applied Choral Conducting
-MMus: Composition
-MMus: Music Education
-MMus: Musicology
-MMus: Music Technology
-MMus: Performing Arts
-MPhil: Christian Studies
-MPhil: Conflict Transformation and Management
-MPhil: Conflict Transformation and Management
-MPhil: Public Administration

Bussiness & Economy Faculty

-MTech: Cost & Management Accounting
-MA: Development Studies
-MA: Industrial & Organisational Psychology
-MA: Labour Relations & Human Resources
-MA: Economics
-Mcom: Economics
-Mcom: Industrial & Organisational Psychology
-Mcom: Labour Relations & Human Resources
-Mcom: Taxation
-Mphil: Development Finance

Law Faculty

-LLM: General
-LLM: Criminal Justice
-LLM: Labour Law
-LLM: Taxation

Health Faculty

-MA: Clinical Psychology
-MA: Counselling Psychology
-MA: Health & Welfare Management
-MA: Biokinetics
-MA: Human Movement Science With Endorsement Sport Science
-MA: Social Work: Clinical
-MCur: Advanced Clinical Midwifery & Neonatal Nursing Science
-MCur: Advanced General Nursing Science
-MCur: Advanced Nursing Education
-MCur: Advanced Primary Health Care
-MCur: Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Science
-MPharm: Industrial

Engineering Faculty

-MSc in Built Environment: Construction Health & Safety Mngt
-MSc in Built Environment: Construction Management
-MSc in Built Enviroment: Facilities Management
-MPhil in Information Technology Governance
-MSc in Built Enviroment: Project Management
-MSc in Built Environment: Property Economics & Valuation

Bachelor Honour Degrees

-BSc: Construction Management
-BSc: Quantity Surveying
-BSc: Quantity Surveying

-BA Honeres: Psychology
-BA Honeres: Human Movement Science Biokinetics
-BA Honeres: Human Movement Science Sport Science
-BA Honores: Human Movement Science Coaching Science
-BA Honores: Social Work
-BA Honores: Social Work: Probation Work
-BCur Honores: Advanced General Nursing Science
-BCur Honores: Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Science
-BCur Honores: Advanced Primary Health Care
-BCur Honores: Advanced Psychiatric Nursing Science
-Postgraduate Diploma: Nephrology Nursing

-BA Honores: Business Management
-BA Honores: Economics
-BA Honores: Development Studies
-BA Honores: Industrial & Organisational Psychology
-BA Honores: Labour Relations & Human Resources
-Bcom Honores: Business Management
-Bcom Honores: Economics
-Bcom Honores: Industrial & Organisational Psychology
-Bcom Honores: Labour Relations & Human Resources
-Bcom Honores: Tourism Management
-Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy
-Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
-Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Economics
-Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
-Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning
-Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing
-Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Studies

-BA Honores: Afrikaans and Dutch
-BA Honores: Anthropology
-BA Honores: Applied Language Studies
-BA Honores: Corporate Communication
-BA Honores: English
-BA Honores: French
-BA Honores: History
-BA Honores: Public Administration
-BA Honores: IsiXhosa
-BA Honores: Journalism
-BA Honores: Media Studies
-BA Honores: Philosophy
-BA Honores: Political Science
-BA Honores: Sociology

-BA Honores: Computer & Information Science
-BA Honores: Geography
-Bcom Honores: Computer Science & Information Systems
-Bcom Honores: Information Systems & Auditing
-Bcom Honores: Information Systems & Business Management
-Bcom Honores: Information Systems & Accounting
-Bcom Honores: Mathematical Statistics
-BSc Honores: Applied Mathematics
-BSc Honores: Biochemistry
-Bsc Honores: Botany
-BSc Honores: Chemistry
-BSc Honores: Computer Science & Information Science
-BSc Honores: Environmental Geography
-BSc Honores: Formulation Science
-BSc Honores: Geographical Information systems
-BSc Honores: Geology
-BSc Honores: Mathematical Statistics
-BSc Honores: Mathematics
-BSc Honores: Microbiology
-BSc Honores: Physics
-BSc Honores: Zoology

-BEd Honores
-PGCE in Education
-PD: Mathematics Education
-PD: Science Education

Doctor's Degree

-DTech (Engineering : Electrical)
-DTech (Operations Management)
-DTech (Engineering : Mechanical)
-PhD (Construction Economics)
-PhD (Construction Management)
-PhD (Information Technology)
-Dphil Engineering Mechanical
-Dphil Engineering Mechatronics

-DTech (Environmental Helath)
-DTech (Biomedical Technology)
-PhD (General Health Science)
-DPhil (Psychology)
-DPhil (Human Movement Science)
-DPhil (Social Development Professions)
-DPhil (Nursing)

-Doctor of Laws (Mercantile Law)
-Doctor of Laws (Private Law)
-Doctor of Laws (Public Law)

-DTech (Marketing)
-Dphil Marketing
-DTech (Human Resource Management)
-DTech (Logistics)
-Dphil Logistics
-DCom (Business Management)
-DCom (Economics)
-DPhil (Business Management)
-DPhil (Economics)
-DPhil (Accounting)
-DPhil (Industrial Psychology)
-Dphil Development Finance
-Dphil Tourism Management
-Dphil Human Resource Management
-Dphil (Labour Relations & Human Resources)
-DPhil (Development Studies)

-DTech (Marketing)
-Dphil Marketing
-DTech (Human Resource Management)
-DTech (Logistics)
-Dphil Logistics
-DCom (Business Management)
-DCom (Economics)
-DPhil (Business Management)
-DPhil (Economics)
-DPhil (Accounting)
-DPhil (Industrial Psychology)
-Dphil Development Finance
-Dphil Tourism Management
-Dphil Human Resource Management
-Dphil (Labour Relations & Human Resources)
-DPhil (Development Studies)

-DTech (Agriculture)
-DTech (Chemistry)
-Dtech Nature Conservation
-Dphil Nature Conservation
-Dphil Agriculture
-DPhil (Geography)
-DPhil (Botany)
-DPhil (Computer Science)
-DPhil (Geology)
-DPhil (Mathematics)
-PhD (Mathematical Statistics)
-PhD (Physics)
-PhD (Zoology)
-Dphil (Biochemistry)
-PhD (Microbiology)
-PhD (Applied Mathematics)
-DPhil (Information Systems)
-DPhil (Chemistry)
-DPhil (Chemistry)
-Dphil Oceanography
-PhD (Textile Science)

-DPhil (Education)

Contact Details

Address: PO Box 77000, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Port Elizabeth, 6031, South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 41 504 1111

Email: info@nmmu.ac.za

FAX: +27 (0) 41 504 2574 / 2731

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