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Accommodation and Dormitories

Students are given several choices regarding accommodation in Turkey. There are a lot of options especially near university campus. It all varies in quality, price and comfort. Students are encouraged to contact their university to find out more about their specific options. All dormitories in Turkey are segregated by sex. Generally there are two accommodation options:

1. Dormitories

Students who wish to stay in a dormitory must abide its rules. Dormitories in Turkey are divided into two types:

i. State Dormitories

Students who want to stay in a state dormitory have to apply via the website of Dormitory Organizations of Turkey (Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu: KYK www.kyk.gov.tr ). There is limited quota for international students in the state dormitories that’s why it might be hard to get accepted. Students’ admission and placement in dormitories is reviewed and revised at the start of every academic year by the KYK in accordance with existing capacity and demand

State dormitories are preferable because of its cheap fee. The features and facilities of these dormitories differ from one to another. The general room capacity is between 5 and 6. Some dormitories have rooms for 12 students though. Beds can be separated or bunk beds but all rooms have a closet for each student with a mini fridge in the room. Bathrooms and showers are usually shared on each floor. All state dorms offer free meals (breakfast, dinner) with a daily meal coupon of 6.5Tl for dinner and 3 TL for breakfast. They have small TV rooms, cafeterias which serve until midnight and free Internet connection at all times. The monthly payment of state dorms is around 150 TL in addition to the deposit students have to pay in the beginning of the year to reserve a room and is refundable at the end of that academic year

There are state dormitories which are semi-private. The price and quality of these dorms are higher than the typical ones. The room capacity of these dorms is between 2 and 4 students. Each room usually has its own bathroom and shower or is shared between 2 rooms maximum. The standards and quality of these dorms are generally higher than the state ones. The monthly payment is around 160-265 TL.

State dormitories have kind of strict rules compared to private ones. State dormitories have curfew and students should be in the dorm by 11pm

International students with Turkiye scholarship program (Türkiye Bursları) don’t need to apply for state dormitories because the scholarship manages that by itself.

ii. Private Dormitories

International students usually stay in private dormitories because of the limited quota in the state dormitories. The quality, standards and price are way higher in the private dorms. Each dorm still varies from one another depending on the city, area, services and facilities. The room capacity differs from 1 to 4 students. Meals generally are not included in the fee. Before signing a contract the student must read the terms and conditions of it carefully to make sure how the payment is going to be and what kind of services are included in the fee. Private dorm prices starts from 500 or 600 TL monthly.

Dormitories in general are very secure and they are a good option for those who want to meet new people and make new friends

2. Rental Apartments or Flats

In addition to dormitories, students have the opportunity to rent an apartment or a flat on their own or with other students. These apartments can be already furnished or can be empty. The rent could include the bill and could not depending on the contract. A student has got all kind of options here. Different sizes, neighbourhoods, quality, prices and all. This option is better for students who want to be independent from dorms, their rules and food. Prices vary between 800 and 2000 TL.

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